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Shopilyv is an integrated business software designed to make daily shop management as easy as ABCD


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Whether you run a service business such as a nail spa, barbershop, salon or a product business such as a retail shop, our Point Of Sale and Inventory Management systems makes your business easier to manage than ever before.

“I'm having a great experience with the Service Book POS from start to finish.”

John DoeQueens Classy Collections, Proprietor

We offer a range of services aimed at making your work easier and efficient

Shopilyv Sales Book POS / Uzaplus

Subscribe to Uzaplus and monitor your business from anywhere. You can easily record your sales on any device (phone, tablet or computer), and view all your shop's records and analysis from anywhere anytime.

Shopilyv Service Book POS

The Service Book lets you record your walk-in store sales/services and monitor and analyze your sales in real-time from anywhere. It if perfect for service providers such as nail spas, barbershops, salons etc.

Shopilyv Express Delivery Service

Shopilyv Express is a delivery service that operates within Nairobi and its environs. We will deliver your package in the fastest and most convenient time possible.

Why Shopilyv | Shopilyv key features

  • Rich sales and inventory analysis
  • Know and manage your customers
  • Track and manage your deliveries in real time

– Our solution is designed to grow with your business. It suits everyone in the retail and wholesale markets.

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